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Uses for Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Salve, with its charming tin and delicate rose scent has been around for over 100 years! First developed by the druggist, Dr. G.F. Smith, it has many beauty and healing uses and has been featured in such magazines as Newsweek, Allure, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Oprah, Ladies Home Journal, Real Simple, Working Mother, Canada's Wish, and US Weekly.  It is popular with makeup artists in Hollywood and celebrities.  In 2001, Rosebud Salve won the Lifetime Achievement Beauty Award given by Self Magazine.


Cosmetic Uses

  • Smooth Rosebud Salve on your lips to moisturize and give your lips the glossy, supple finish that Hollywood stars are after. Rosebud Salve enhances your natural lip color.

  • Use Rosebud over your favorite hue of lipstick to moisturize and get a dewy effect.

  • Apply Rosebud Salve to eyebrows to tame an unruly brow line while also giving sheen.

  • Rosebud Salve is great on fly-away or frizzy hair. Dab a small amount on the palms of your hands and apply sparingly to tresses.

  • Use Rosebud Salve as a subtle accent to cheek bones, collar bones, shoulders, or any other body part that you wish to moisturize or enhance.

  • Apply Rosebud Salve lightly to the skin above the eye as a base for powdered eye shadow, and then add the desired colors you wish to dazzle your eyes with.  The rich emollient properties of the Salve will help to hold that look all day.

  • Want that dewy look that is so popular? Apply Rosebud under your blush and get compliments on your gorgeous glow.

  • Rosebud Salve is perfect for travel as an eye make-up remover, cuticle softener, sunburn easer, dry skin healer, and frizzy fighter.

  • At night, apply Rosebud Salve generously to rough hands and then cover with gloves for an overnight spa-like treatment.  This works well for feet, too.  Don’t forget knees and elbows!


Healing Uses

Rosebud Salve can be used to help:


  • Heal scrapes, burns, blemishes, and chapped skin.

  • Soften and repair cuticles.

  • Relieve hemorrhoids, diaper rash, psoriasis, alopecia, and dry scalp.

  • Treat itch associated with chemical burns on the scalp resulting from processing (bleaching and coloring) hair.

  • Ease skin irritations due to colds, windburn, sunburn, insect bites, and acne.

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